Tab-Tension Professional

Tab-Tension – the perfect screen.

Tab-Tension screens are fully stretched and consequently hang completely flat.

Tab-Tension is the first screen, designed and manufactured in Denmark, of a superiour quality and at a very competitive price.

The Tab-Tension is, as standard, supplied with two different types of material; White flex: if blackout is not possible. Grey flex: ensuring high colour rendition and increased black level contrast. The two biggest screens are seamed in the image field.

The Tab-Tension can be operated by a self-retractable spring and by a motor with or without remote control. For an additional charge it is possible to get a slow-up spring, ensuring a slow and exclusive roll-up. The motorised screen can be made as a plug and play screen for easy plug-in.

The Tab-Tension Pro screen differentiates itself from the ‘standard’ screen due to its size and format.