Helios Blinds

Helios is the modern version of the classic blind which adds a touch of class to any room or building. The helios design and shape is simple and minimalistic – and can be used on practically any type and size of window.

The Helios' particular design has been developed over the years, from wooden and metal blinds to this unique combination. The blind is handmade by quality-conscious furniture joiners and blinds-assemblers.

Helios consists of two different types of material which highlight each other in a beautiful and stylish way. This creates a “purity” which makes the blind interesting. Due to its weight, it hangs beautifully and with great stability.

The wooden over- and under bars highlight the structure of the wood in a vivid manner that reflects light in a unique way.

Helios is a combination of real wood and metal which can be made to match the decor of any room, whether it is furniture, floors, colour palettes or any other product used in the building.

Helios is available in many types of wood (see collection and colour of the ribbons/cord) according to the customers wishes.

Helios blinds are available with manual or motorized operation, for almost any type of window or door and are easy to mount.

Available in different colours – for a new and exciting look.