Darkness is essential for optimal presentation and cinema projection and for a good night's sleep.

Professional blackouts from Lissau come in cases and side-channels of Danish design, which can be adapted to the surroundings.

Blackout can be achieved whether the surface is vertical, diagonal or horizontal or any combination of these.

Blackout is an important part of the design and the interior. Furthermore, the technical function is important for the daily use of the system, and Lissau can deliver the most functional technology.

Blackout can be operated with a self-retracting chain, crank, motor or various other types of operation, depending on your needs. By remote-control, it is also possible to control the systems from a central space, for instance together with screens, projector-lifts, sunscreens or sunblinds.

Blackout can also be mounted on doors, but remember to make special arrangements, if mounting onto escape doors.

Blackout can be mounted with the the side-channels in vertical, diagonal or horizontal position.

If partial blackout is required, please ask for the Lissau Sunscreen catalogue.