Luxus Wooden Blinds

Luxus Wooden Blinds are for windows and rooms that deserve the best.

A wooden blind lends an exciting, individual and exotic ambience to a room and works very well as a room divider. Choose the material that matches the room’s decor. Luxus Wooden Blinds are handmade by furniture joiners and
blinds-assemblers and it constitutes a functional sun screen, manufactured in real, natural materials. Danish design through three generations from Lissau Ltd.

With Lissau Luxus Wooden Blinds, the light is refracted naturally, like light and shade, creating a vivid indoor environment.

Our rich selection of Nordic and exotic woods makes it easy to choose blinds that fit any indoor environment. Our wooden blinds are also available in teak from Indonesia, mahogany from Africa, pine, birch, oak, beech and maple from Scandinavia and Europe and walnut and cherry from America.

Winding cord/bands in many colours and weaves, can be delivered with manual cord winding or motorised. Luxus Wooden Blinds are easy to keep clean, as wood is a non-electrostatic material which is dust and dirt repellent.

Due to its weight it hangs with great stability, and its sound absorbing qualities also makes it a perfect choice for rooms in need of soundproofing. Available in two slat sizes, 34 and 48 mm, both with a height of 2 mm, and in concave shapes in exquisite materials. Luxus wooden blinds can also be delivered in birch, in slat widths of 3x70mm, stained (RAL) or oil-treated, or in oak, in slat widths of 5x90mmm and oil-treated.